Jobs At Freshet

The Freshet Collective is actively seeking full-time positions to join the ground crew in Mandan, North Dakota in our efforts to support 700+ Water Protectors facing state and federal criminal charges. The work we’re doing is a continuation of what was started at Oceti Sakowin and Scared Stone camps. Whether or not you had the personal ability to be at camp, if this you want to make a commitment to standing up for Indigenous sovereignty, and earth defense by supporting those who continue to fight in the courts, we would like to speak with you. We are most in need of people who can make a commitment of at least 6 months though there might be opportunities for shorter-term commitments to work on specific projects. 

We recognize that the criminal justice system, particularly in Morton County, North Dakota, is enacting the perpetuation of colonial violence and we are making an active choice to engage with this system for several reasons. 

One of our primary goals in engaging with this system is harm reduction for water protectors who chose to put their bodies and lives on the line. Reducing harm looks like:

  • Providing people with the tools and resources to effectively navigate the legal system to strive towards desired outcomes; e.g. getting cases dismissed, reducing prison time, providing long term full-scale support to those facing long term sentences 
  • Providing housing and food for water protectors that need to come back to court
  • Providing attorneys in circumstances where there is a need 

Second, we are building capacity to not only reduce harm, but to work for empowerment. When people know their rights, and make intentional choices, there are more opportunities to use the legal system to protect those who are most vulnerable and stop the abuse of power and perpetuation of state violence. 

We are looking for people with any and all of the skills, knowledge, and experience described below:

1. Organizers – Folks with skills and experience coordinating with multiple people (via phone, email, and in person) working towards a shared vision or goal. Those who have been a part of an educational or advocacy tour, led a campaign, or advocated for change in a school, workplace, or community would be a great fit. We are looking for people who can absorb information quickly, respond in a self-directed way, and accomplish practical daily tasks. We are looking for people who can see how their work connects to the bigger picture, and prioritize tasks to align with our mission. 

2. Personal Experience with the Criminal Justice System – A lot of what we do is explain the legal system to arrestees who may or may not have previous experience with a court case. We value the lived experience of having been through the criminal justice system and acknowledge that it can make advocating for, teaching, and empowering others, more meaningful and relatable. In this spirit, we ask whether you have had firsthand experience with the criminal justice system, either as a defendant or with a loved one. Note: While folks with open No DAPL cases are welcome to apply, the scope of work will be limited. 

3.  Skills in business management, education, legal work, collective or Tribal governance, or other transferable skills with a willingness to learn.

 Areas of work with the greatest need at the moment are:

  • Outreach to arrestees and attorneys. Tasks include facilitating communication among many different people with shared interests, connecting arrestees with available resources (both financial as well as legal representation), advocating for water protectors’ needs and desires to attorneys.
  • Providing support to Water Protectors as they navigate the legal system (e.g. walk them through Public Defender application process, communicate upcoming court dates with water protectors, provide other legal information) 
  • Opportunities to gain skills and experience in tech-security, finances, hospitality, and additional subcategories of work are also available. We encourage folks to be flexible in exploring these areas of work in order to meet the needs of the team. Prior experience not necessary depending on the task. 

Monthly compensation is $2400 plus a generous stipend for food, housing, and travel. We are a dynamic collective of about 10 people in an ongoing effort to prioritize Indigenous leadership. We are flexible in how the work gets done and hold ourselves accountable to water protectors and each other.  Indigenous applicants will be prioritized and non-Indigenous women/gender-queer/trans people of color are also encouraged to apply.


Please answer the following questions in an attached document or in the body of an email and send to

Feel free to attach a resume, or write us a short cover letter but it is not required. We will respond to applicants on a rolling basis.


Short Answer Questions:

1. Name

2. Phone number

3. Email address

4. What’s the best way to reach you? ie: phone, email, facebook

5. What personal gender pronouns do you use? ie: he, she, they

6. Do you identify as Indigenous? If so, are you affiliated with a Tribe?/ If you are not indigenous how do you identify?

*Note: Federal recognition and/or tribal enrollment not considered a determining factor of Indigineity.

7. This position requires living on site in Mandan, ND. Are you willing to relocate?

8. Do you have an OPEN case as a No DAPL arrestee? If yes, what date were you arrested?

9. How long can you commit to being on the ground in Mandan and when does your availability begin?

10. Would you like us to keep your information on file and reach out to you with future opportunities? 


Long Answer Questions:

11. What motivates you to want to do this work?

12. Do you see the No DAPL movement as local or global? Both? Do you view yourself in solidarity with any particular group of people, particularly with the work that you would hope to engage in? There is no right or wrong answer – we would like to hear your perspective, particularly as it pertains to you and the work you may be engaging in.

13. Do you have prior legal work or organizing experience? If not, what other experiences do you have that you think might be helpful in learning this work? Do you have other experiences you would like us to know about?

14. We live and work in a supportive but intense environment, and underscore that everyone who comes here is part of setting the culture of the team. What strengths do you bring to a group setting?

15. We need folks who can build relationships with people you have never met and work independently on projects (provided you are given adequate training and ongoing support). Can you tell us about experience you have working building working relationships and taking initiative on a project?

16. How did you hear about us?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Interested in applying? We are looking for

  • Organizers
  • Finance 
  • Media/ Communications
  • Hospitality
  • Educators
  • Paralegals
  • Technologists